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Lower School TK - 4

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Social Emotional Learning



Integrated Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is infused in the school day in Lower School through community building, celebrating our unique differences, communicating with each other through listening, speaking and resolving personal and relational challenges.

Explicit Instruction

SEL is taught explicitly in Self Science classes. Additionally, our Nature and Physical Education & Athletics program focuses on developing these skills further.

Self Science in the Lower School starts with engaging students’ natural curiosity about who they are and how they feel about themselves and others. We ask them to be scientists and start by observing their feelings and noticing possible patterns. From this data, they may begin to formulate hypotheses about why these feelings emerge, in what situations, the messages behind these emotions, and what to do about them. In Self Science classes, students start the process of developing their own social-emotional toolkit that will support them throughout life.


Competencies as tools

Through their time in Lower School, every student learns all eight EQ competencies in the Synapse EQ Model in ways appropriate for the students’ needs, ages and stages.