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Nature Days

"At Synapse, SEL is not just a curriculum. It's also a process by which we nurture a thriving learning environment and it is the language that is foundational to our culture and bonds our community" May Duong, Director of SEL

Nature Day is an important component of the Synapse program, fostering social and
emotional growth while developing an appreciation for nature.

As a school that focuses on Educating Change Makers who can have an impact on the world around them, we believe it is crucial to cultivate students’ love of nature through hands-on, authentic experiences. Nature Days are opportunities for students to learn about themselves.

Our Nature Day program aligns with many of our EQ competencies and helps foster growth in our students, particularly in terms of risk, resilience, advocacy and grit. Each grade level builds upon the previous one, gradually strengthening students’ endurance for outdoor activities and deepening their sense of responsibility for nature and themselves.

Throughout the school year, Lower School students participate in many outdoor
activities at various venues with the guidance of naturalists from the Riekes Center,
one of our community partners.