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Middle School 5 - 8

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SociaL-Emotional Learning



Integrated Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is infused in the school day in Middle School through community building, celebrating our unique differences, communicating with each other through conflict, speaking and resolving personal and relational challenges.

Explicit Instruction

SEL is taught explicitly in EQ Essentials and Seminar classes. Additionally, our Middle School Sports and Expeditions focus on developing these skills further.

EQ Essentials and EQ Seminar in the Middle School leverage the cognitive growth in the Middle School years to continue the development of emotional regulation skills, social problem-solving, prosocial decision-making and executive-functioning skills. During this rapid change and growth, students have more opportunities to direct their learning process, advocate for themselves, and be responsible for their words and actions. They also get the opportunity to grapple with issues unique to being a Middle School student such as identity, body changes, and digital citizenship. 

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