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"I have no doubt that my middle school daughter will be prepared for high school. But more importantly, I believe she will be prepared for life! That's priceless." Synapse Parent

Every spring, Synapse Middle School students participate in a weeklong, grade-specific
expedition that aims to foster social and emotional growth while connecting with nature. Spending time outside of the classroom challenges students to navigate their emotions,
recognize patterns, shift perspectives and be resourceful. These enriching and authentic
learning experiences help students become more mindful of themselves and others, the
present moment and the natural world. With increased resilience, they are better able to
navigate the people and world around them.

Past trip destinations include: Los Angeles, Sojourn around the South, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, Alaska, and Hawai'i. 

Check out our 7/8 Alaska Trip!

This very evocative short film was created entirely (filmed, edited, and produced) by Synapse alum Tomo Greenberg.