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Social-Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which students acquire, practice and integrate the skills of emotional intelligence

At the core of SEL is the fostering students' self-awareness, empathy and resilience. We start with making sure that every student feels a sense of belonging through affirming their identities. Then we layer in lots of opportunities to try new things and make mistakes so that they learn to develop a sense of agency. The process takes place in an optimistic and empathetic environment where students understand that they are each an important part of a larger community and the world.

With SEL as a central pillar, Synapse develops change makers through fostering a thriving community of social and emotional learners. Through specific SEL instruction, integrated curriculum, and parent education, every member of the community (students, teachers, and parents) is engaged in continual practice to co-regulate and co-create a positive learning environment.

Our Synapse SEl Book is here!

SEL is the foundation of Synapse. It's the thread that weaves a vibrant tapestry of learning, a language that defines our culture, and the glue that bonds our incredible community.

Take a deep dive into what Social-Emotional Learning looks like at Synapse:

  • Intentional, Integrative, and Immersive
  • Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself
  • Synapse Change Makers
  • SEL in Parent Education
  • Explicit Instruction of SEL
  • SEL through Middle School Expeditions

The SEL School

Step into a Synapse classroom and feel the energy and joy associated with learning, where leading-edge academics and innovation fuse with social-emotional learning. 

It starts with our teachers who are trained to teach SEL skills and embody these principles and practices. They connect with each student with a deep interest in knowing what makes each student unique. They meet students where they are, drawing upon their strengths to build their areas of development. Students feel a sense of belonging and, as a result, develop a positive and prosocial attitude towards learning.

Learn how we practice Social-Emotional Learning at Synapse below

SEL Specific Instruction

Synapse curriculum contains embedded and explicit instruction of Six Seconds’ eight competencies (see SEL model above) essential to emotional intelligence.

We have a team of SEL specialists whose primary focus is to teach these skills from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade. The SEL curriculum follows a scope and sequence which scaffolds the EQ competencies according to developmentally appropriate milestones. Our SEL team consults with teachers on implementing SEL tools and practices to develop habits that empower students to be curious, creative, and courageous learners.

May Duong
Director of SEL