Transition Cafes


Recap of 7/8 Transitions Cafe: Thank you to those who attended the Cafe. We hope we were able to answer most, if not all, of your questions about moving from 5/6 to 7/8.  Attached is a recording of the session, which started 10 minutes into the session. While we may not have answers for how the Fall will look yet, we talked more broadly about 7/8 experience as a two-year experience: 

- 7/8 students are expected to be more independent, to do more for themselves, and to advocate for themselves. 

- Students will manage longer, more in-depth, and open-ended projects.

- Students will grow a lot physically, and sleep becomes especially critical for their physical and mental health.

- Social dynamics may shift: friend groups may be less gender-specific, groups may grow in size, and some may experiment with "dating".

- 7/8 is also an opportunity for parents/guardians to take a step back if you haven't already.  Think of yourself more as a guide on the side or a coach rather than a parent leading the way. 

- Check out the recording for more Q&A's.


For additional information, we recommend the following books: