Drops of Optimism


Let’s get the Synapse community’s optimists to make a Top 100!

  1. Every day is “Pajama Day”
  2. Binge-watching Netflix is part of the core curriculum
  3. Greeting all your neighbors you never knew…and waving from 6 feet away
  4. Your dog is so happy to have you home, the cat not so much
  5. Singing Happy Birthday, to your hands, a lot
  6. Really, really, really getting to know your kids/parents
  7. No pesky traffic jams
  8. Time to find out what those random keys in the drawers do
  9. Not having to take your shoes off at TSA
  10. Issac Newton developed the theory of gravity while quarantined in the “Great Plague” in 1665…what can we do?
  11. Mother Earth is happier with less pollution
  12. Realizing books are more interesting than YouTube
  13. Shared experience with everyone
  14. It will be your new conversation starter in a few years
  15. No more weather talk
  16. Reading your favorite book series again
  17. Spending time with your pets
  18. Baking the hardest things you can think of
  19. Binge-watching your favorite TV show (Stranger Things)
  20. Playing piano
  21. Video games for life
  22. Couching
  23. Eating lots of new foods
  24. Reading and writing
  25. Practicing sports/activities all day long! :-)
  26. No shopping
  27. Catching up on sleep!
  28. Playing games with your family
  29. Reading books to your kids at night when you usually don’t have the opportunity 
  30. Watching movies as a family
  31. Zoom yoga classes
  32. Reading reading reading!
  33. Trying new things together
  34. Going on walks
  35. Staring at a computer screen all day, TRYING to learn
  36. Playing card games
  37. Bike rides
  38. Going on runs
  39. Making gourmet breakfasts
  40. Making Harry Potter recipes
  41. iMovies
  42. Arts and Crafts
  43. Connecting with people I haven’t seen in a long time
  44. Baking
  45. Chillin’
  46. Virtual dinner parties
  47. Changing the wall hangings
  48. Rearranging the furniture
  49. Deep cleaning
  50. Parents having online happy hour with their 30 year old coworkers who don’t know what it is
  51. Doing Cosmic yoga
  52. Core workouts
  53. Caring for the yard and planting veggies
  54. Doing yoga during the day, especially in the morning which is better for your health
  55. Playing with your baby during the day
  56. Organizing drawers and closets and find a lot of missing treasure from the past
  57. Cooking more!
  58. March 19, 2020 - National Let’s Laugh day!
  59. Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teaching yourself a foreign language
  60. Looking at pictures of cute animals
  61. Write actual letters to family and friends or find a new pen pal
  62. Knit or crochet
  63.  Write a book with your family: pick a character and each family member writes a chapter
  64. Write, star in, and present a show with family
  65. Trying some different math problems
  66. Making mini movies with clay
  67. Learning about different cultures
  68. Creating a board game as a family
  69. Doing art as a family
  70. Charades!
  71. Researching your Family Tree
  72. Board Games
  73. Make a big pot of chai, put it in a thermos and drink hot chai all day out of your favorite mug.
  74. Snuggle puddles
  75. Family dance party
  76. Learning new songs
  77. Going on runs in the morning
  78. Popcorn and movies!
  79. Sleeping in and still being on time for Zoom classes
  80. Helping out our older neighbors
  81. It’s fun meeting your students and co-workers in gallery view
  82. Who doesn’t love a good Zoom poll?