Visual Arts

In Visual Arts and Design students use the Innovation Model to explore creative connections to academic areas of focus. Students analyze works in historical context, develop an understanding of artistic and design concepts and execute their visions through experimentation with new skills and a variety of media - Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Sculpture and more.

Students have many opportunities to advance their artistic skills and gain a new appreciation for their own unique style, as well as improve existing art skills, including hands-on studio work, during After School Arts Studio which covers a wide range of media and techniques. Middle school students are encouraged to join the Curators Club where they oversee art installations and survey exhibition proposals for student artwork to be shown throughout the school. Students are also invited to join Museum Escapade Crew on guided weekend museum excursions with experiential activities around the Bay Area facilitated by the Visual Arts and Design team.

Past Projects