The math program at Synapse inspires students to develop a deep understanding of and genuine appreciation for mathematics. The math program is a hybrid between a project based and problem based approach, providing students with a rich and beautiful experience of mathematics that emphasizes cross-curricular connections, and challenges students to collaborate in constructing their own mathematical knowledge.
Synapse Math Program Highlights
  • Low floor, high ceiling mathematical tasks ensure all students are able to find appropriate level of challenge.
  • Rich investigations, from both applied and pure mathematics, provide students with the opportunity to apply their imagination, creativity, collaboration and experience the thrill of mathematical discovery.
  • Students develop authentic problem solving skills including learning to pose their own problems, identifying relevant information and making reasonable assumptions and estimation.
  • Understanding is developed by moving from concrete and visual representations towards more abstract models.
  • Computational fluency is developed through puzzles, games and mathematical investigations that build number sense and deep conceptual understanding while deemphasizing speed and memorization.


Middle School Math Program Overview


In the Middle School HEARTS Math meets several times a week. Students engage with mathematics in a variety of ways during this time, through real world and mathematical investigations, and cross-curricular projects.
Problem Solving
In this class students work through a problem based curriculum that develops standards based skills and mathematical practices.
Mathletics Team
Synapse has a Mathletics team that practices after school, focusing on developing problem solving strategies and skills specifically targeted at preparing for math competitions such as American Mathematical Competition, Bay Area Math Olympiad, MathCounts, and more.