The science and STEAM program at Synapse provides students with authentic explorations and experiences that enrich the development of their scientific skills and practices. Our experiential, explorative and project-based approach builds technical, critical thinking, questioning and collaborative skills. The science program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of science, especially the intersections between science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Projects also often include social, ethical and moral dilemmas to integrate the development of the students’ social emotional learning. 
Synapse Science and STEAM Program Highlights
  • Low floor, high ceiling science projects ensure all students are able to find appropriate level of challenge and opportunities to dive deeper
  • Guest experts in the current field of study provide expertise, perspective, and inspiration through virtual interactions, guidance of experiments, and accompaniment on field trips
  • In the Middle School, STEAM Electives are offered, reflecting teacher and student passions in niche courses.
Philosophy of the Science/STEAM Program at Synapse
We want students from Synapse:
  • to have the skills to question what they want, discover what they want, and accurately and effectively communicate what they want.
  • to be confident and competent in their knowledge and skills.
  • to practice and develop their critical thinking skills.
  • to be creative in their ideas and in their problem solving.
  • to be curious about the world.