Physical Education

Skills learning, healthy use and appreciation of body, and the opportunity to develop positive attitudes for life are the goals of the physical education program. The program focuses on improved sense of oneself and others, self-renewal, fitness orientation, physical awareness, and risk-taking skills. Students will formulate individual physical development goals. The program offers genuine options, is open to all, and is in line with the Synapse philosophy that governs all aspects of the school program.

Students participate in 15 minutes of morning exercise daily, to support the Heat stage of HEARTS. These activities will take place on the Synapse campus (inside and outside the building) and are conducted by GrowFit. Students will also participate in a twice-per-week program in partnership with neighboring SportsHouse.



Sport practices generally take place during PE time and meets, while games, and matches are held after school or on weekends. Learn more about our Athletics program here.