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Middle School 5 - 8

"Synapse teaches a framework for Innovation and developing creative confidence in all students." Synapse Staff

As students grow through the Engineering & Design program, they develop skills, mindsets, and perspectives that allow them to have more autonomy and independence in the E&D Center.

Since subjects are taught more discretely in the Middle School, the E&D team has the opportunity to work with students across multiple subject areas and projects. Students in the Middle School are exposed to more advanced tools and techniques, and not only do students in the Middle School have more access to complexity, the programmatic offerings are more varied and wide.

The E&D Center supports students and teachers much like the Lower School, in addition to Middle School Electives, After School programs, 1-on-1 apprenticeships, and 8th Grade Exit Tickets. Students in the Middle School also have an explicit Computational Thinking/Computing class that goes deeper into concepts and skills.