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Synapse Makerspace

Young female student using a hand saw

The Synapse School EDC is a creative idea factory where teachers come to illuminate key learning concepts and transform their curriculum into truly sticky and spectacular student experiences. EDC Team

Makerspace Mission

To enrich and elevate the TK-8 Synapse School experience through explicit practice of hands on and embodied learning, thinking big, and practicing maker mindsets. We go big, think differently, and are creating the most inclusive, integrated, and innovative Makerspace in any TK-8 school!

The Makerspace serves as the space and inspiration for TK-8 students and teachers to embrace, embody, and embolden our mission to Educate a Community of Change Makers. Whether students are learning about biomechanics in 7/8 STEAM, the mathematics of sustainability in 5/6, buoyancy in Level III, or Ohlone housing structures in Level II - teachers come to the Makerspace to make their learning goals bigger, and students leave with an embodied sense of what they’ve just learned. We don’t have an isolated Makerspace class or special time of the week -- we are fully integrated and the work done in the Makerspace supports all projects, learning, goals, and vision of the school. 

Past Makerspace Projects


8ftx8ft walk-in rooms create visceral sensory experiences as a capstone to a Middle School STEAM unit on the senses



immersive haunted house build for Middle School elective



scale boat construction and 1500 gallon pool to float staff members for Level III unit on Exploration & the science of boats



leaf blower hovercrafts and hoverboard go karts built during parent maker nights



various 8th grade exit ticket projects (fully functional playground installation, murals, wheelchair accessible ramp, etc.)



functional obstacle course challenges grounded in physics properties like center-of-mass and momentum with American Ninja Warrior guests



electric powered rideable Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Trolly 


Makerspace Facts

  • 11,000ft+ of flexible building space

  • Fully outfitted woodworking shop

  • Curricularly integrated with every grade/level

  • 1-1 drill program

  • Teacher apprenticeship program

  • Subtractive and additive manufacturing

  • Custom built modular storage and furniture for purposeful and age-appropriate learning spaces

  • Constantly adding new tools and materials