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Visual & Performing Arts

The Performing Arts and Visual Arts and Design programs include every Synapse student TK-8. Fine Arts classes at Synapse teach each student to develop a creative fluency that empowers them to bring ideas from imagination into reality. These two programs are designed for sequential skill development, as opposed to the survey approach, and are integrated with academics, EQ, and Innovation competencies. Throughout their work in the arts, students practice creativity, risk, and iteration with each project and consistently find ways to express their unique voice as a visual and performing artist.


Our Performing Arts program includes all Synapse students, empowering them to express themselves through age-appropriate performance experiences. Students spend Performing Arts classes singing, playing instruments and/or exploring movement and drama. The focus is on creating high quality music, understanding the people and history behind the notes, and telling vibrant stories through movement, drama and musical expression. All students participate in two formal performances a year and have multiple opportunities for informal performance as well.

Visual Arts & design

In Visual Arts & Design students develop creative fluency and confidence bridging the gap between imagination and action. They develop foundational skills as they explore creative connections to academic areas of focus using the Innovation model as a tool for problem solving. Students analyze works in historical context, develop an understanding of artistic and design elements and execute their visions through experimentation with new techniques and a variety of media - drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, mixed media, digital art, sculpture and more. 

Natalie Einhorn
Director of Fine Arts