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Engineering & Design



The Engineering & Design team prioritizes E&D principles found in our Innovation model like creative problem-solving, prototyping, human-centered design, collaboration and real-world application of learning.


The Synapse Engineering & Design Center is an integral part of the TK-8 experience. It is held up by the Innovation pillar, integrated into the day-to-day curriculum, special programs, and after school activities, and much of the work happens in the 11,000 sqft+ Synapse Makerspace.

"Best of all, we say "yes", think big, and generate some of the most creative ideas executed in TK-8 education spaces."EDC Team

In the Engineering & Design Center, students and teachers engage in thoughtful, interdisciplinary projects that honor the Synapse School mission and vision. Additionally, the Engineering & Design Center holds Computational Thinking practices and computing education through our Engineering & Computing Specialist. It is outfitted with age-appropriate tools and materials, ranging from glue guns and crafting materials, to a shop with professional grade woodworking tools, all the way to a full size digital fabrication lab with CNC, Laser, and 3D Printing capabilities. All of the storage and furniture is custom built to create thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive learning spaces for the smallest learners to the oldest, most ambitious designers and builders on campus.

Engineering & Design Projects: American Ninja Warrior (2019-20)

The story of a Middle School Portfolio Day project in which they built a useable life size obstacle course!