Synapse High School

Synapse is excited to announce the extension of the Synapse experience to a High School program. Synapse High School will open its doors to our 9th Grade in August 2021. Our inaugural class will forge the path and a new grade will be added each year following. 


Why Synapse High School? 

True to Synapse’s Mission, the 9th Grade program aims to educate a community of change makers.


Change Makers...



Impact the world in positive and authentic ways




Are robustly prepared for real-world challenges that require the integration of academic, creative, and social-emotional domains




Are not defined by numbers or scale - know that to make a positive change to one person is to make a positive change to the world



Synapse Graduates will...

  • Think creatively about problems and work with a solutions-oriented mindset

  • Use their unique voice confidently for good and unite others around specific issues to make lasting positive change

  • Practice sound decision making, demonstrate the ability to work fluently with data, and understand the impact of media 

  • Participate in environmental awareness and action

  • Build a foundation for a lifetime of community engagement

  • Contribute actively toward a democratic and equitable society

3 Areas of Focus

Social-Emotional Learning

Embedded SEL and wellness at school:

  • A safe space for students 

  • Individualized experiences for students

  • Students exercise their voice and choice

  • Explicit focus on health and fitness at school and at home

  • Proactive approach to supporting wellness in the teenage experience


Along with all essential high school classes, the curriculum will also focus on:

  • Critical and design thinking

  • Decision making

  • Environmental awareness and action

  • Civic duties

  • Media & data literacy


Proactive change makers by learning about and engaging in:

  • Become active participants in their communities and perform civic duties

  • Work on environmentally conscious projects & solutions

  • Give back to their communities, from Synapse to North Fair Oaks and beyond

Application Process