Philanthropy at Synapse School


Synapse is an independent, private school that relies on our community of generous supporters, donors, and volunteers to enable us to provide our children with an inspiring, emotionally intelligent, vigorous learning environment. Philanthropic gifts to the school are essential to sustain the excellence of the program that our children benefit from every day.
Every family is asked to make philanthropic gifts to Synapse School each year, commensurate with their means.
Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is the second largest source of revenue for the school after tuition. It is a fundraising campaign, held each fall, that goes straight to our operating budget and allows us to create programs beyond what tuition alone makes possible. Annual Fund dollars are unrestricted gifts; they are spent in the current fiscal year. Each year, we ask that every family make a gift to the Annual Fund and anticipate 100% of community members will participate-- the success of the Annual Fund is a testament to a collective belief in the Synapse Vision. 
Fundraising Events & Benefit
Each year, Synapse hosts a social event for parents and staff where we invite donations through an online auction and often host a "Fund a Need." This event is usually held in the spring and is a chance for the community to come together in support of a specific goal. The 2018 Fund a Need raised money to increase our Financial Aid Program. Though not required, we are grateful for those who support these efforts and events. 
Capital Campaign
Capital campaigns are initiated to raise money to support larger projects including, but not limited to, updating and expanding the school facilities, creating endowments for scholarships and other long-term goals. These campaigns are special gifts and are only launched when the Board and leadership have decided on a compelling reason for asking families to provide additional, special investment beyond the Annual Fund. We launched our "Campaign for Synapse" in April, 2019, and look forward to completing the campaign in the upcoming school year. Campaign contributions are not required though we welcome the support of this strategic fundraising effort.