COVID-19 Information

As of September 14, we are running simultaneous 100% Distance Learning and Hybrid (Distance Learning and On-Campus instruction) programs. 

The San Mateo County waiver for approval to start K-6 classes on campus was approved on Monday, August 31. Please refer to the Return to Campus Safely document for the full details of our reopening plan.

Addendum to Return to Campus Safely Plan, 10/13/2020: As of 10/19/2020, we plan to bring back to campus our 7th & 8th grade students. There will be approximately 55 additional students and 8 new stable cohort leads on campus. As with other cohorts already coming to campus, they will be distanced, with masks on. The size range of each cohort would be from 6-10 students. Each day, they will stay in one place. The cohorts will either be outdoors under tents that open on either side or indoors in large, well-vented spaces with airflow on all sides. They will remain with their cohort and cohort lead only at all times. All other protocols (see below) will remain the same. 

Addendum, 10/16/2020: 


For more details and information for Synapse families planning to return your students to campus, please see the Returning to Campus Info page. 



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Roadmap to Reopening

Synapse spent the summer planning for multiple possibilities for the 2020-21 school year. The Strategic Sprint Team, in consultation with our COVID-19 Task Force, and in accordance with ongoing decisions made by local counties and the State of California, planned and outlined options for both 100% Distance Learning and Hybrid On-campus / Distance Learning in our Roadmap for Reopening, shared below.