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Synapse Magazine, The Optimist

The 2024 Spring Edition of The Synapse Optimist is here!

Inside, you will learn about a core value that has made Synapse the incredible school it is today: the power of ambitious commitments. We shine a light on the inspiring individuals who joined Synapse over a decade ago and have been instrumental in shaping our school's journey. Their dedication and hard work have built a thriving community of Change Makers.

The 2023 Fall Edition of The Synapse Optimist is here!

Inside, you will learn about our Change Maker process and get highlights from our most important exposition of learning. In this edition, we also go in depth about our students incredible Middle School experiences — including students reflecting on their Expedition trips to National Parks last spring, our 8th Grade Exit Ticket projects and graduation speeches. We hope the stories and photos about some of our incredible teachers and programs inspire you.

The purpose of The Optimist is to highlight the many wonderful people and programs of Synapse School. 

A big thank you to our inspiring Synapse community of students, alumni, teachers, families and staff for helping make the idea of a school publication a reality. There were so many people who contributed to the magazine. Whether they took time out of their busy days to be interviewed, wrote an article, edited the magazine, helped with photos, or encouraged the process along the way, we are so grateful for each and every person who helped. Creating something like this takes a lot of time and effort from many, but when the focus is the people of Synapse, it becomes much easier.

We hope the stories, photos and student work in The Optimist will give you a good picture of the Synapse community.

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