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Jim Eagen

A few years back, we changed our mission to include the word "community." This was deeply intentional and was meant to signal we expect all members of Synapse, not just students, to embrace being a change maker. That means the school's three pillars — SEL, Innovation, Leading Edge Academics — apply to adults, too. It also means our values and our vision are for children as well as for all those over the age of 14. We can’t expect our kids to “exercise optimism,” “go all-in,” and practice “risk” if the adults who surround them don’t. These design elements and culture guardrails are all well thought out, co-created and are thoroughly defined. Adoption of our mission, vision, and values by all key stakeholders at Synapse is the expectation. 

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Jim Eagen

Tomorrow is Easter, which means to many cycling fans it’s time for Belgium's biggest, and one of the hardest, pro bike races: the Tour of Flanders, or as the locals call it, the Ronde van Vlaanderen.

I once read somewhere, that the most amazing feature of the bike is that, like the very greatest teacher, it encourages you to find the answers from somewhere deep down inside yourself and not merely take them from someone else. I have also found this to be true as an educator working with students. And as many students know, and any successful bike racer understands viscerally, often finding the right answer takes a massive effort. It’s almost always anything but easy. 

Cyclists understand this process as “learning how to suffer.” This phrase refers to a person’s behavioral, emotional, and cognitive responses to discomfort and stress. Like or not, endurance sports are in essence about discomfort and stress. Therefore, they are largely about “learning how to suffer.” 

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