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Parent Education

"I spend a lot of time building teams, and I've realized that the attributes I'm looking for in hiring are the same things that Synapse is teaching my two middle-school daughters: critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy and teamwork."Synapse Parent

Our Philosophy

At Synapse, we have a unique approach to Parent Education. We believe it is best done:

  • In small groups, with people we trust and enjoy spending time with.
  • Honoring every parent’s good intentions and wisdom within.
  • Following the constructivist model of teaching embraced at the school, whereby parents construct their own Parent Ed experience to reflect their goals and values.
  • Through consistent practice, supported by a community of like-minded individuals.

Our Goal 

The goal of Parent Education at Synapse is to support parents in navigating the challenges (and celebrating the joys) of parenthood through:
  • Strengthening school/home connection along key pillars.
  • Encouraging the practice of an EQ culture through habits and community norms.


Components of Parent Ed

What Our Parents Have to Say

Our parent community gets beyond the small talk. We have a deeper understanding of where our fellow parents are coming from and are better able to support each other. We are closer and more connected.Level II Parent

I am grateful for the open and candid discussions we have in the groups... and that we have the same language with which to communicate and  connect with our kids and with one another! I highly recommend every parent take advantage of the opportunities to learn alongside your child!Level I Parent

The EQ groups allowed me to form meaningful connections with other Synapse parents that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to know, and these are friendships that I hope will last as our children grow.Level II & 7th Grade Parents