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Jim Eagen


What do we mean by an athlete's mind?


I was once told by a recruiter that I didn't get the job because the hiring committee said I came across as "a real athlete". When I asked her what that meant, she seemed as puzzled as I was. She said, "they felt you really thought like an athlete. That's why you didn't get the job." I laughed, and said to her, yes, I do think like one, that's likely not to change. She agreed and we laughed a bit, but I left our conversation still curious. What does that mean, to think and behave like an athlete? Is that a bad thing? Or can that be a good thing?

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Jim Eagen


Once again, the school year is off and running! We started Synapse the same we start each year - we launch, test, and then refine. Our teachers and staff are open to feedback, embrace teamwork, are clear in communication, model risk taking, and think critically about what works and what doesn't. People like us do things like this. But it doesn't mean we haven't thought about where we are going, and what our program priorities should be.

Jim Eagen


A few months back, I gave the staff some simple homework: watch a TED Talk and answer three questions. We don't really give a lot of homework at Synapse, to staff or to students, so I didn't expect too many responses. It was really more of a prompt to get our staff to think about and reflect on teaching and learning.