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Jim Eagen


Can you feel it? It's the end of the year, and it is coming fast! Every year, May moves quickly. Culminating concerts, class socials, personal projects, and grade level trips bring excitement, and a little bit of stress too. But we are risk takers here. We embrace the challenges and opportunities. Months such as May galvanize the reasons we spend time teaching students about advocacy, communication, and follow through.

Jim Eagen


In my 20+ years in independent school education, I have been lucky enough to teach, coach and lead in some wonderful communities. Each school was different in design and purpose; a 7-12 boarding school for dyslexic students, an urban IB school, a former 6-12 girls school turned co-ed, and a 150-year-old former military school that is now a co-ed PK-12. These schools all shared common elements: a clear mission, dedicated teachers, outstanding students, and committed families. But when it came to innovation, not all of them were hitting the high note. I have a theory why.

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