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The Value of a Synapse Education

Discover the Synapse difference and witness the transformative power of a Synapse School education. Find what sets us apart here at Synapse and the value of a TK-8 education in your child's learning journey. We invite you to take a closer look at how we are Educating a Community of Change Makers

We understand the importance and commitment it takes in selecting the right school for your child to learn and grow during these important years in their lives. 

At Synapse, we foster a nurturing environment where curiosity thrives, innovation flourishes, and future Change Makers are cultivated. We nurture young minds with a holistic approach that goes beyond academics, empowering them to become compassionate, creative, and responsible — ready to make a positive impact on the world.

We are committed to guiding your child towards a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Change Makers who will change the world beyond Synapse.

Synapse's mission is Educating a Community of Change Makers. Synapse empowers every student and community member to make positive change in the world. We provide guidelines in becoming Change Makers through the nine Change Maker themes, also reflected in our Change Maker Outcomes.

Synapse's caring community is inclusive and celebrates all differences. 

We know that you are selecting a school not just for your child but for your family. At Synapse, we love to connect and have fun with opportunities for all to participate in school activities, social gatherings and parent education. Relationships are everything here


Students have teachers that care! 

Every teacher and staff member is trained in SEL. Every Lower School student has two full-time classroom teachers and many specialists. In Middle School, each student has teachers for each subject as well as an advisor. All of our teachers & specialists are passionate in their fields of expertise and make learning fun!

Leading-Edge Academics inspires a lifetime of learning.
Synapse inspires and engages students' love of learning through hands-on, project-based learning utilizing our HEARTS curriculum framework and brain-based research. Our teachers craft meaningful learning experiences through writing their own curriculum — which involves collaboration with other educators and often covers multiple subjects. For example, a social studies lesson could incorporate math and art skills as well. 

We cultivate a culture of Innovation!

Synapse is an aspirational model of education that embodies the practice of innovation in the curriculum and culture. Using the Innovation model - Explore a challenge, Envision potential solutions, and Execute on their vision, students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills. To inspire innovation and support students to ideate, create and iterate is the Synapse Engineering & Design Center, which includes an 11,000 sqft+ Makerspace.

SEL is key to building healthy, happy lives. 

SEL is the foundational pillar of Synapse. We teach SEL directly to all students and it is fully integrated in the curriculum and classrooms. Students develop self-awareness, empathy and resilience and become more intentional in their decision-making, purposeful in their interactions with others and the world and empowered to be their authentic selves. As all staff are trained in SEL, it's truly embodied in the community and culture.

Change Maker Outcomes are modern skills for a changing world. 
All Synapse students develop these practices and habits of mind: Communication, Creativity, Perspective, Feedback, Follow-Through, Inquiry, Iteration, Advocacy, and Risk. From TK through 8th Grade, students have many opportunities to develop each of these important life skills. We believe these are the skills students need for the future.
Research-based curriculum is emboldened & improved by The Brainwave Learning Center. 
A first-of-its-kind partnership between Synapse School and on-site neuroscience Stanford University researchers, the BLC explores how educational experiences help shape brain development. In addition, the BLC provides professional development for staff, teach lessons in neuroscience to students and have a Middle School Research Assistant Program. 
Equity, Inclusion, Diversity is vital to our community. 

At Synapse, we believe that equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) are a fundamental part of an enriching educational experience. We encourage diverse identities, and teach our students to know and celebrate themselves entirely. We are committed to creating an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, valued and empowered.