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Middle School 5 - 8

Synapse's Middle School is made up of combined grade classrooms for grades 5/6 and grades 7/8. 

Why TK - 8

Jim, our Head of School, shares below the importance of being a TK - 8th grade school.

"Our Middle School students have time to pursue their passions in and outside of school because our teachers believe in intentional and relevant homework, not mindless repetition and busy work."Synapse Parent

Middle School Experience

Program Elements

HEARTS Curriculum Model

All Synapse lessons & projects, TK - 8, are built from scratch using the HEARTS model - a model uniquely designed at Synapse. 

Synapse Learning Outcomes

We teach to and assess students on these practices and habits of mind that encompass our three frameworks for teaching and learning (social-emotional learning, leading-edge academics and innovation).

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