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Level III

"If I could imagine Synapse as any object, it would be a blender. You put an idea in, add a few others, and they come out even better than the original!"Synapse Student

The Level III experience uses authentic curiosity and emotional engagement to create lifelong learners. Curricular classes are interconnected, providing context for learning and creating connections.

The two year program rotates through Indigenous and American history and Ancient Egypt, building student knowledge through project-based work to cultivate an understanding of human culture and how history impacts us today. In addition, our focus on community building, student relationships, and group work provides our students with the opportunity to apply social-emotional tools and learning to a variety of challenges, such as colonialism or identity. 

Program Overview

Project Highlight

Town Project

Our Town project highlights how we can build diverse and inclusive communities. Students will settle new territory in a given biome and work as a team to construct a settlement. It is a fully integrated project where students have opportunities to practice their SEL and leadership skills by using conflict resolution strategies, listening, and supporting each other.

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