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Level II

"I know that my teacher challenges me to do harder problems because she believes in me."

Synapse Student

Level II is the start of our mixed grade level model with 1st and 2nd Grade. Mixed grade levels provide benefits to students with opportunities for leadership and learning from peers. Students grow in their social-emotional skills as they expand their friendships over the grades before and after them and have the continuation of care from their two year student-teacher relationship.

Our curriculum is specifically designed over students' two years in Level II with hands-on projects and annual themes that vary year to year. Students are able to dive deeper into their skills in their second year, building on their learning and solidifying their knowledge.

Program Overview

Project Highlight

Wheat to Bread Project 

Integrating with Level II's Westward Expansion curriculum, students learned the process of what it takes to make wheat bread with the Garden Science specialists. Students grew wheat from seeds in the Synapse Garden, learned the process of harvesting and threshing and eventually baked their own loaves of bread.

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