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Our Mission

The Synapse Language program's mission is to expose students to the languages and cultures around us, both locally and globally, and to provide students with the linguistic tools and cultural competencies necessary to forge meaningful and lasting connections with communities worldwide.

Languages at Synapse

Synapse's World Language program offers Spanish and Mandarin to our students starting in 5th grade. The Language program gives students the opportunity to explore a new foreign language and continue developing their language skills they may be learning outside of Synapse. 
Language at Synapse aims to:
  • Provide students with a joyful and rewarding learning experience
  • Develop cultural competence in students through authentic, multi-sensory, cross-cultural learning activities and events
  • Make an positive impact to students' life and the local Mandarin/Spanish speaking community through meaningful class projects
  • Support students' language skill development as they build a strong foundation for lifelong learning!