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HEARTS Curriculum Model

Our curriculum framework is the “how” of the mission and vision of Synapse School: HEARTS. HEARTS distills all of Synapse’s signature constructivist and brain-based education into six phases of learning. All Synapse lessons & projects are built using the HEARTS model. 

Sharing Learning: Portfolio Day & Interactive Lab

Portfolio Day and Interactive Lab are Synapse traditions that honor your child's learning by allowing them to share with you what they have been working on during the trimester. Portfolio Day is held at the end of the first and third trimesters, when students share their work in a one-hour interactive session with their parents, held at the school. Students act as the guide/teacher as they present their learning processes, concepts, and material to their parents. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend Portfolio Day (end of Trimester 1 and 3) and the Interactive Lab (end of Trimester 2).
Interactive Lab is a larger scale community gathering, held mid year at the end of Trimester 2. The entire school is turned into a living museum with interactive exhibits built by students on projects centered around the annual theme and change maker. A favorite Synapse tradition! 

Arts at Synapse

At Synapse, no student has to choose between Performing Arts or Visual Arts & Design. These programs are for all Synapse students, TK - 8! Check out our Arts Program here.

SEL at Synapse

Social-emotional learning is foundational to the Synapse student experience and integrated into all classrooms, TK - 8. SEL is taught explicitly in Self Science classes in the Lower School (TK-4) and EQ Essentials/Seminar in the Middle School (5-8). Additionally, our Nature and Physical Education/Athletics focus on developing these skills further.

Check out our Social-Emotional Learning Program here. 

Engineering & Design at Synapse

We say "yes", think big, and generate some of the most creative ideas executed in TK-8 education spaces. Check out our Engineering & Design Program here.