Social Emotional Learning

Two kindergarten students confront each other with smiles atop the play structure


With SEL as a central pillar, Synapse equips its students to become change makers by cultivating a thriving community of social and emotional learners. Through explicit SEL instruction, integrated curriculum, and annual change maker themes, every member of the community (students, teachers, and parents) is engaged in a continual practice to become more aware, more intentional and more compassionate in life.


The SEL School

Step into a Synapse classroom and feel the energy and joy associated with learning at the forefront, where vanguard academics are infused with SEL principles. Equally applicable to personal growth, school culture, and constructivist inquiry, learning is optimized when feeling and thinking are fused.

SEL Specific Instruction

Synapse curriculum contains embedded and explicit instruction of Six Seconds’ eight competencies essential to emotional intelligence.



SEL in Action