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Brainwave Learning Center

A partnership with Stanford University

The Brainwave Learning Center (BLC) provides a novel, collaborative way to explore how educational experiences help shape brain development. Through dynamic interaction between researchers at Stanford University and students, teachers, and parents at Synapse School, the BLC is a place where everyone can explore the mysteries of the human mind and brain.

Our mission— forging new partnerships between learners, teachers, and researchers, to explore how our brain activity is transformed through learning experiences, and how new insights into our brainwaves can enrich how we experience education.

The Brainwave Learning Center - where everyone can explore the mysteries of the human mind and brain.

Meet the BLC team: 


Liz Toomarian, Director of the Brainwave Learning Center

Bruce McCandliss, Professor, Department of Psychology at Stanford


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Entrepreneurs in Residence at Synapse School

TeachFX's mission is to promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue by empowering teachers with regular feedback on their practice. TeachFX technology uses AI to automatically measure student engagement for teachers and provide them with targeted pedagogical insights. At Synapse, the TeachFX team is learning from the incredible, engaging, and creative faculty here and sharing ideas from them with teachers around the country.

"We are so honored to get to work with Synapse teachers — their creativity and relentless efforts to engage students in deep and enriching ways are absolutely inspiring. That's why we love learning from them, supporting them, and sharing their brilliant ideas with thousands of teachers across the country."
       Jamie Poskin, founder of TeachFX, Entrepreneurs in Residence at Synapse School

Meet the TeachFX team:


Jamie Poskin, Founder & Executive Director

Berk Coker, Cofounder & CTO

Nicole Hemenway Bratz, Head of Product

David Brazer, Advisor and Director of Professional Learning

Zach Crago, Head of Partnerships


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