Mission & Philosophy

Our mission

Educating Change Makers


We aim...


To be an aspirational and inspirational model of a learning community.


To be a joyful, grateful, and humble community, “walking the talk.”


To be a world leader in the teaching of innovation and social and emotional learning.


Synapse's Philosophy


Change Makers

Change Makers & Themes
  • Impact the world in positive and authentic ways.
  • Are robustly prepared for real-world challenges that require the integration of academic, creative, and social-emotional domains.
  • Are not defined by numbers or scale: To make a positive change in the life of one person brings positive change to the world.


9 year cycle of change makers and themes to date, 2010-2018
9 year cycle of change makers and themes to date, 2018-2019 Noble Goal, Fred Rogers


Innovation Joined with Actualization
  • Innovation, creativity, and design-thinking shall be practiced in core academics as well as fine arts and technology.
  • Innovation studios & mentors shall support students in concept exploration, iteration, and the pursuit of projects to completion.
  • Computer Science, an essential new medium for innovation in the digital age, shall be integrated into the curriculum.


Outstanding Academics that Fulfill Individual Promise
  • Maximize academic potential through continuous improvement, a growth mind-set, and knowing students as individuals.
  • Utilize a constructivist, integrative, and project-based approach that deeply engages students and has real-world relevance.
  • Support the development of core academic skills with focused instruction, deliberate practice, and consistent feedback.