HEARTS Curriculum Model

Our curriculum framework is the “how” of the mission and vision of Synapse School: HEARTS. Expanding on Six Seconds’ 3-step learning approach, HEARTS distills all of Synapse’s signature constructivist and brain-based education into six phases of learning:




Portfolio Day & Interactive Lab

Portfolio Day and Interactive Lab are Synapse traditions that honor your child's learning by allowing them to share with you what they have been working on during the trimester. Portfolio Day is held at the end of the first and third trimesters, when students share their work in a one-hour interactive session with their parents, held at the school. Students act as the guide/teacher as they present their learning processes, concepts, and material to their parents. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend Portfolio Day (end of Trimester 1 and 3) and the Interactive Lab (end of Trimester 2).

Interactive Lab is a larger scale community gathering, held mid year at the end of Trimester 2. The entire school is turned into a living museum with interactive exhibits built by students on projects centered around the annual theme and change maker. A favorite Synapse tradition! 


Synapse Learning Outcomes

Practices and habits of mind that encompass our three frameworks for teaching and learning (social-emotional learning, leading-edge academics and innovation).
Synapse educates students to practice these skills:
converses with various partners; make room for other voices and participate in reflective listening
recognize multiple perspectives, and independently consider the influence and impact of those perspectives
accepts feedback, listen, react in appropriate ways and give constructive feedback.create with vision, push outside the box and use outside influences appropriately



creates with vision, pushes outside the box and uses outside influences appropriately



Follow Through

follows through on initiatives, commitments, and responsibilities to the best of their ability




actively and appropriately asks questions in the pursuit of learning





commits to deepen, change and/or improve a concept by considering goals and feedback




advocates for themselves and others





risks failure in the pursuit of a goal or vision