About Us

Synapse School prepares exceptional learners to create lifelong success.

An independent elementary and middle school in Menlo Park, CA, Synapse offers an advanced academic curriculum fully integrated with social emotional learning. The program is carefully designed as a model school to demonstrate the power of blending Six Seconds’ emotional intelligence programs with leading-edge instruction (brain-based, project driven, constructivist learning in school-wide themes).

Synapse is dynamic, experiential, and nurturing.

A snapshot of Synapse students in their classrooms, no matter what grade or teacher, would capture eyes shining with curiosity and fingers busy manipulating pencils, scissors, papers, clay or whatever else comes within their grasp. Each school year we choose an overarching theme for the curriculum that makes it meaningful and engaging for our students. This theme guides the students as they acquire knowledge and skills and work productively with their peers and mentors. This program envelopes each student in its creative and world-relevant themes, fully engaging their minds in the learning process.