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Chance that Synapse students use more wood, string, blocks, cardboard and wire than worksheets


student led middle school electives 



personal desks built by the Makerspace team for Hybrid classrooms


annual fund participation




classroom student teacher ratio


ratio including specialists



Plants planted by students, teachers, and parents in the first Synapse Garden



music videos created by teacher-parent rock band, The Constructivists



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Latest Head's Blog

Jim Eagen


There has been a good deal of commentary coming to me this year about students with ADD/ADHD. I am not an expert but I did get my training many years ago at a private, independent school for dyslexic students. Many dyslexic learners are diagnosed with ADHD too. These kids were high schoolers, students who had run out of chances in public and private schools, not because they couldn't learn in those environments, or didn't want to, but because the system and schools failed them. The kids were angry about it, and frankly, so was I.


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Jim Eagen


Over the holiday break, Synapse change maker Desmond Tutu passed away. As a school, we marvelled in his service as a Nobel laureate, a champion of the anti-apartheid struggles, and his justice work with Nelson Mandela. We studied his efforts to end decades of institutionalized segregation and racism in South Africa and for heading the truth and reconciliation commission that came in its aftermath. We shared with kids that Tutu was also a vocal opponent of gender discrimination and supporter of the LGBTQ community, and his goal to mobilize people against injustice, all injustice, was always toward forgiveness and love. 


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Jim Eagen


Individuals have the power to drive change and inspire others to strive for better. At Synapse, this is what we think of when we conceptualize “The Power of One.” I have lived long enough now to know it’s a bit more complex, and from experience, I believe if the change the “power of one” wants is to last, it needs more than “one” individual’s involvement. 


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