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Synapse School educates change makers through social-emotional learning, innovation and leading-edge academics. 



Chance that Synapse students use more wood, string, blocks, cardboard and wire than worksheets


student led middle school electives 



personal desks built by the Makerspace team for Hybrid classrooms


annual fund participation




classroom student teacher ratio


ratio including specialists



Plants planted by students, teachers, and parents in the first Synapse Garden



music videos created by teacher-parent rock band, The Constructivists



Books in the Synapse library


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Latest Head's Blog

Jim Eagen


Individuals have the power to drive change and inspire others to strive for better. At Synapse, this is what we think of when we conceptualize “The Power of One.” I have lived long enough now to know it’s a bit more complex, and from experience, I believe if the change the “power of one” wants is to last, it needs more than “one” individual’s involvement. 


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Jim Eagen


Happy New Year!


A few years ago, I asked the community, “what three words describe Synapse?” Creative, fun, learning, loving, joyful, unique, accepting, and amazing were top picks. I agreed then, and I agree now. Many of you may remember, I also repeated what one kindergartner said to all of us at the time - “Synapse is awesome! Yes, Synapse is awesome possum!!”


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Jim Eagen


We are here tonight to celebrate a funky bunch of 8th graders who have had to deal with a whole lot of unknowns and “what ifs” the past two school years. Can you believe we are here, in person? There was a time not long ago where I wasn’t sure we would be allowed to hold a graduation on campus. But, here we are! 


Thank you - family and friends - for coming to celebrate this unique group of 8th graders on this glorious graduation evening. We often think about graduation as if it’s the end of some journey, but it’s also the beginning of one. The chance to see the world differently, to change your location and your context, to contribute and help out, to seek to better understand yourself and others. In many ways, you are just getting started!


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