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Mission - Vision - Philosophy

Synapse is a TK-8 independent school in Menlo Park, CA with a mission of Educating a Community of Change Makers. Synapse is a leader in the teaching of leading edge Academics, Innovation and Social-Emotional Learning and an aspirational and inspirational model of a learning community.

Leading-Edge Academics

Synapse inspires and engages students' love of learning through hands-on, project-based learning utilizing our HEARTS curriculum framework and brain-based research. 

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is the foundational pillar of Synapse and fully integrated in the TK-8 curriculum and community. Students  learn 8 competencies of the EQ model of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself, empowering them for the future.


Synapse is an aspirational model of education that embodies the practice of innovation in the curriculum and culture. Using the Innovation model - Explore a challenge, Envision potential solutions, and Execute on their vision, students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Synapse's caring community is inclusive and celebrates all differences. We love to connect and have fun with opportunities for all to participate in school activities, social gatherings and parent education. 

Change Makers

Synapse's mission is Educating a Community of Change Makers. Synapse empowers every student and community member to impact the world in positive and authentic ways.

Synapse Learning Outcomes

All Synapse students develop the practices and habits of mind: Communication, Creativity, Perspective, Feedback, Follow-Through, Inquiry, Iteration, Advocacy, and Risk.

What Sets Us Apart

11,000 sq ft Makerspace

To enrich and elevate the TK-8 Synapse School experience through explicit practice of hands on and embodied learning, thinking big, and practicing maker mindsets. We go big, think differently, and are creating the most inclusive, integrated, and innovative Makerspace in any TK-8 school!

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Aspirational & Inspirational

  • Innovation
Jim Eagen one of Bay Area's Leading Innovators

Synapse's Head of School Jim Eagen is highlighted as one of the Bay Area's leading innovators in Silicon Valley Magazine. "At Synapse, kids and adults know questions matter, ideas matter, and we take them very seriously," Jim says.