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A Note About Today: Synapse Values

Nov 09, 2016
Adnan Iftekhar


Many of you contacted me today to express your concerns about your child’s emotions. I was told that some children were in tears when they found out the election news, others were frightened, a few angry, and others worried. It seems this election season has taken a toll on all of us.

I spent the morning passing through classrooms, checking in with teachers, observing kids, and even took the opportunity to play basketball with a group at lunch. I wanted to be sure I was getting a true sense of how the kids were feeling. I can honestly say, as a whole, they did a great job navigating their emotions and staying focused on the present. I wish I could say I did as good a job today.

After many conversations with staff and even some of you, I revisited a list of Synapse values that I put together with the help of our teachers this past June. I shared it with them and thought I should share it with you too. They are collected and are grouped in four areas:

1.   Love, laugh, play
Risk taking
Shared language
Life long learners
Being social
Building relationships

2.  Give the benefit of the doubt
Willingness to help each other
Believing we are each doing the best we can
Friendships with colleagues
Support for the growing families of faculty
Being non-judgemental

3.   Keep your word
Hold students as our highest priority
Stay on same page
Be a role model

4.  Maximize our collective DNA
Everyone is “all in”
Saying Yes
Raise our common expectations
Growth mindset
Make mistakes

I want all of us to focus on our values at Synapse, because we are a relational community and values drive all that we do. I hope you share these with your family, have a discussion about what they mean, and let your kids know they are safe, both at home and at Synapse.


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