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No Disrespect

May 10, 2016

“I was just watching students shoot baskets at lunch recess. Like so many kids these days, they take 40 footers, emulating their hero, Steph Curry. They don’t make the shots at the same rate as Curry, but they love to try. And sometimes it can be hard for those kids to pull away when we say “line up” or “clean up.” And this then becomes hard on the teachers, who are on duty trying to move the students into their next activity.

I thought about the NBA, where it can be hard for a pro player too. This week there was a controversy when Miami Heat star shooting guard Dwayne Wade did not line up for the Canadian National Anthem in Toronto. The Heat were in Canada for round two of the playoffs. Here is an article explaining what happened and the outcome.

But there is more to the story. What was behind this controversy was Wade’s routine, one that he does each game. Our kids have routines too, and our more intense kids, sometimes need help transitioning, just like Dwayne Wade. Here is Wade’s routine:

“Wade normally takes his warmup shots right up until — and then after — the singing of the national anthem but said he was thrown off when the music started early because both countries’ anthems needed to be played.”

I watched a video of the flap, and then looked into the details of the routine. Wade stated:

“I have a ritual where I come off the bench and going into the anthem line I’ll have a layup or dunk and then make a shot. Here, we always make sure we come out and give thanks to our troops first, then we do our anthem as well. It’s just a ritual. It’s something different when we’re playing Canada here at home and the clock starts at a different time.”

He was thrown off by a change of environment and by a slight change in time. Doesn’t mean he was being disrespectful. He was just focused. Driven to do what he always does while getting ready to share his gifts.


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