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Thanksgiving message from the Head

Nov 29, 2015


As I prepare to head to New York for the holiday to be with family and friends, I was doing some reading on schools. Peter Gow, long time independent school educator and writer, has a series of meditations on independent schools that I go back to from time to time. He writes:

A school is an idea representing an ideal or aspiration.

That idea at Synapse revolves around a noble goal of creating a space for all of us to be. A place for each of us to strive toward our best self, while learning and growing as a collective. We do not do this alone, but together. This is a community founded on an ideal that involves all of us.

Why? We know humans seek both meaning and connection. Schools need to create communities that foster genuine, emotionally wholesome relationships. I am thankful for my role in creating that space for you. It is both humbling and inspiring.

And often that inspiration comes in those quiet and organic moments – in a kind email from a parent stating they love the school, a “hello, Jim!’ in the hallway from a skipping child, or in a warm smile from a staff member when I walk in the room. These are the moments that I am thankful to experience day in and day out.

We all have much to be grateful for. And I want to extend my personal thanks to you for being a part of Synapse. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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